The 20 Best Makeup Primer for Dry Skin Reviews & Guide 2020


Fact: What for those with oily skin is a capital sin, for dry skin it is glory, and yes, I am talking about extra hydration.

If you have dry skin you will need it to hide redness and dryness and make your makeup last longer without cracking.

Today, I am going to show you the best primers for you to choose the one that meets your needs!

What is a makeup primer and how do I use it?

As its name suggests, it is the product that is applied just below the foundation.

Since there are several types, it does not have a single function.

The primer that you apply to your face will be the one that benefits you the most according to your needs at that time and your skin type.

Although, in general terms, what all primers achieve is to prolong the duration and improve the appearance of everything you apply below.

Primers for dry skins allow foundation to last much longer, avoiding the dry base patches that form during the day.

You want your skin to look much brighter than it usually looks and to be, above all, hydrated.

These primers help mattify the areas and thus avoid your lines of expression being marked, such as the nasogenian furrow, on the forehead, etc.

If you want dewy, hyper-luminous skin from Desi Perkins, a primer will do the job. How?

  • The primer has a very specific way of use, always after having cleansed the face and hydrated it.
  • Remember to start with a small amount and add more as you need
  • Since it is recommended to apply the primer after having hydrated the skin with serum and cream, it is important to wait until these products have been absorbed by the skin before using the primer.
  • You can spread it with your fingertips or with a small brush

Why should you use primer?

You’ve been thoroughly putting on makeup to come out with the perfect look, but after a couple of hours the foundation you thought was perfect fills with parched patches. Have you skipped a step or do you have poor quality makeup?

I tell you: you lack a primer.

Primer is meant to be an extra step to give dehydrated skin an extra boost of hydration, so your foundation looks as smooth and flawless as possible.

All the primers I’m going to show you meet the three requirements that will put the finishing touch on your makeup.


Dry skin can often be dull due to a lack of moisture, and dry skin primers are brightening, adding radiance to your skin before applying foundation.


While most primers are translucent, some formulas for dry skin are tinted. Most of them are tinted with a skin tone to help match the complexion.


Because dry skin tends to be sensitive, dry skin primers often come fragrance-free to prevent any redness, itching, or peeling.

Many people think that it is only useful when you have makeup foundation but no, there are some types of primers that you can carry on their own.

For example, tone unifiers, illuminators, or mattifiers.

Top Makeup Primers for dry skin

Are you still a little lost?

Don’t worry, I have a selection of perfect makeup primers, cataloged by need of each skin, so you can fly to your nearest store to yours.

It will be your new essential.

NYX Hydra Touch Oil Primer

Its fluid texture does not provide any oil or shine, and with continued use it corrects skin imperfections.

But the most important thing is that it hardly has preservatives, which helps to avoid the cocktail effect of cosmetics derived from its daily accumulation.

If you notice that you have unevenness or acne residue on your face, products like this will do an almost magical straightening job!

L’OREAL Magic Perfecting Base

If you prefer light but hydrating textures, are looking for a quality price and your preference is fragrance-free products, then this is the right one.

The skin will instantly look radiant, brightening any opacity instantly.

In addition, its soft reflections minimize the appearance of pores and blemishes and add an extra touch of very natural light, no glitter or sweaty skin, just a healthy light.

BELLA TERRA Mineral BB Cream

With just a small amount of the product, this primer smooths your skin and removes any trace of imperfection.

In addition, its use ensures the adhesion of makeup and lengthens its duration.

The new formula for this primer contains softening polymers. This ingredient smooths the skin, erases imperfections and fills the pores, leaving the skin ready for makeup.

There are up to eight different shades for you to choose the one that best suits your skin tone and achieve a natural result.

ELIZABETH MOTT Thank me Later Base

The eyes are delicate, I know. But this primer is the best solution if you want to prevent the eyeshadow from wrinkling and fading over time.

Intensifies your eyes, is waterproof, lightweight and long-lasting. It helps to blink without fear.

E.L.F Hydrating primer

A long-lasting primer that mattifies the skin and leaves it soft and ready for makeup.

Made with micro correctors in charge of controlling excess fat, creating sebum and promoting balance on your skin.

Its long-lasting effect maintains the perfect makeup all day.

MAYBELLINE New York Face Studio Master Prime

If you like light and discreet day makeup, this primer is a good choice.

The product is liquid and does not contain oils and melts with the skin, making it completely invisible.

It is easy to apply and has a quick absorption. After use, the skin looks fresher and the tone is even.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Primer

Natural, vegan, and gluten-free. More aware than this primer, there is none.

This primer has a smooth and light texture that leaves the skin without traces of oil.

It is recommended to apply evenly in the T zone so that you achieve perfect makeup throughout the day.

L’OREAL Magic Lumi Primer

If you are not satisfied with just having a uniform tone and long-lasting makeup, but you also want a light touch of highlighter, this L’oreal primer combines the benefits of both products.

Get a perfect uniform finish and give a touch of natural shine, in the purest glowy skin style.

Its formula also contains antioxidants that will take care of your skin. It also has moisturizing properties, making it a very complete product.

ETUDE House Primer

This primer is composed of an advanced formula that works as a barrier against environmental aggressors, while eliminating shine to make your makeup last longer.

It gives you all the benefits you are looking for in a primer: it illuminates the skin, protects it, reshapes it, mattifies it and softens it to reduce pores.

BareMinerals Foundation Primer

It has a light and creamy texture that leaves no trace of fat.

In addition, its light components help to easily blur the entire face. Just by applying a small amount, it guarantees a makeup with a matte and durable finish.

Cheap, simple and of high quality.

Reviva Labs Primer

One of the best makeup primers is this, an illuminating primer that mattifies your skin and leaves it radiant but without shine.

It is also multipurpose, since you can use it both as a primer and as a concealer for skin redness or moisturizing oil.

TimeBalm Face Primer

theBalm offers another of the best primers you can use.

It has a softening silicone effect that offers a very light base for your makeup.

It is specially designed to eliminate redness and provide luminosity, as well as to adapt to your skin and unify its tone.

Photo Finish Smooth & Blur

This primer is made for dull skin that needs a punch of natural luminosity (or tan), since it contains pearls that refract light and blur imperfections.

Although its texture is like that of a soufflé, it is not sticky and allows the application of makeup to be very soft.

MAYBELLINE Baby Skin Primer

Another of the best makeup primers is from the Maybelline brand and is aimed at concealing the pores.

It is also a first silicone effect, but somewhat denser, which helps to fill the pores and leave your skin velvety.

So, So Coco Stay Makeup Primer & Face Moisturizer

Dry, open-pored skin?

Say goodbye with this primer that refines the texture of the skin, smooths the lines and hydrates for more than 12 hours, thanks to the fact that it contains hyaluronic acid and shea butter in its formulation.

Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer

It has a matte finish, smooths the pores (without clogging them) and does not cause the appearance of outbreaks.

Its key ingredients are fig extract, with antibacterial properties, and the mixture of oleanolic and salicylic acid, which controls the production of fat and unifies the skin surface.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

It is a transparent, unscented and water-based primer, which matches the face and prevents the base from settling in the pores or wrinkles.

Contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, Shea & Jojoba to nourish and refresh skin, even with makeup!

Flower Beauty In Your Prime Hydrating Primer

Its texture is an aqueous gel that moisturizes and makes makeup last longer.

It is ideal for all skin types, even those with very open pores and marked expression lines, as they blur them in an ‘airbrush’ effect.

See, the first one is infused with rosehip oil and does not leave a greasy appearance!

Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer

This primer is one of my great favorites because of the luminosity it brings to the face.

It is aimed at all skin types, but it is ideal for dull faces or to create a good-looking effect if you have dry skin.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

If your problem is brightness, here you have another option.

Created to hide pores, absorb oil and refine texture, you only need a small amount in the t-zone and chin (or where you need it) to say goodbye to the shiny face.

It will also make your makeup last all day and all night.

Tips to keep skin hydrated

You may be tempted to skip the moisturizer if you are using dry skin primers, but you shouldn’t.

  • Wait approximately five to ten minutes after hydrating your skin before applying your primer. This allows the skin to fully absorb the moisturizer, so that it does not interfere with the primer.
  • Use clean fingers to apply a dry skin primer to your face. If you use a brush, not only will the skin not fully absorb the primer, but the bristles can make dry spots on the face rough, making them look scaly under makeup.
  • Let your primer settle for two to five minutes before applying makeup. This gives your skin time to fully absorb it, so there is no residue that can affect your makeup by adhesion.


The primer is a product that serves to prepare the skin, unify it and hide imperfections (aka. pimples, redness, open pores or scars), have (oh yes) beautiful skin and lengthen the duration of the makeup base (if it is to be used).

Although by inertia we associate primers with the subsequent use of foundation, it is not necessary that both uses go hand in hand. In fact, it is possible to have beautiful, unified and flawless skin just using primer.

And of course, who doesn’t want to have a skin like that? What’s more, who doesn’t want to have skin like that without having makeup?

For all of the above and because the fury for makeup primers has led beauty brands to refine versions of a product that makeup artists have been using for years, take a look at the options that have caught your attention the most and don’t waste your time!

Your skin is crying out for you, and this is the solution.

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